Wall Copings and Coping Stones

Wall Copings and Coping Stones

We sometimes have a range of reclaimed wall copings in, sourced form restoration and projects from around the UK. These are generally made from cast concrete or solid stone, and add character and depth to a landscaping or building project.

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Wall Copings 108ft

We have a run of 108ft of reconstituted red wall copings. The wall copping came from an old wall in ..

Ex Tax: £500.00

Wall Copings 30ft

A set of 10 wall copings in 3ft lengths, made from reconstituted stone. They are solid and have an a..

Ex Tax: £150.00

Wall copings Salt Glazed

We have a nice batch of wall copings, in a salt glazed brown colour. These coping are very rare and ..

Ex Tax: £1,000.00

Wall Copings

We carry good stocks of Staffordshire Blue wall copings. The wall copings are to cover a 9 inch wall..

Ex Tax: £10.00