Wall Copings and Coping Stones

Wall Copings and Coping Stones

We try to keep a stock of new and reclaimed Wall Coping Stones in the Yard, but this does of course depend on availability.  Generally, we hold runs of a set number of stones from a single wall, perhaps 100-200ft long and consisting of several coping stones. We are happy to split these into shorter lengths if required. Coping stones are idea for creating new alls with a reclaimed appearance, or for replacing broken sections in existing walls. 

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Wall Copings 108ft

We have a run of 108ft of reconstituted red wall copings. The wall copping came from an old wall in ..

Ex Tax: £500.00

Wall Copings 30ft

A set of 10 wall copings in 3ft lengths, made from reconstituted stone. They are solid and have an a..

Ex Tax: £150.00

Wall copings Salt Glazed

We have a nice batch of wall copings, in a salt glazed brown colour. These coping are very rare and ..

Ex Tax: £1,000.00

Wall Copings

We carry good stocks of Staffordshire Blue wall copings. The wall copings are to cover a 9 inch wall..

Ex Tax: £10.00