Quarry tiles 7.5inch x 7.5inch

The 7.5inch x 7.5inch victorian staffordshire Quarry Tiles a very hard wearing & beautiful. These tiles are over 100 years old sizes are 7.5inch x 7.5inch up to 30mm deep.

The reclaimed quarry tiles are hard wearing , and were made to last , when buying reclaimed quarry tiles you are helping the enviroment as well as keeping your property in period.

We sell reclaimed quarry tiles for matching exisisting floors, we also supply quarry tiles for fire places hearths , window cils, pub and restaurants floors aswell as out side paving and conservatories.


New or ReclaimedReclaimed
Height30 mm
Length190 mm x 190 mm
Tile Size7.5 inch x 7.5inch
Width7.5 inch x 7.5 inch

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Quarry tiles 7.5inch x 7.5inch

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