Paving Slabs, Stones, and Block Paving

Paving Slabs, Stones, and Block Paving

New and reclaimed Paving Slabs and Stones for landscaping gardens, driveways and Building Work

Paving Stones offer an attractive and durable alternative to traditional concrete paving slabs or tarmac for your garden or driveway. It is also much more affordable than most people think. 

We offer both new and reclaimed paving stones.  For natural effect the Victorians pavers are the ones people tend to go for.  However,  many of the new stones and blocks made have a weathered and reclaimed appearance. These are a fraction of the cost of traditional reclaimed paving, which can be quite expensive. New pavers can thus look just as old and vintage as reclaimed paving, but they may have a fresher or newer appearance. 

We also stock brand new Paving Slabs as you'd expect to see them, clean and modern. Reclaimed Pavers are the ones to go for though if you want an antique weather look.look though

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Jubilee Diamond Pavers

These are a very nice batch of very rare Jubilee Diamond Reclaimed Pavers. Thesy were salvaged from ..

Ex Tax: £1.50

Reclaimed Limestone Paving

Original Reclaimed Limestone Paving, over 100 years old. This Limestone Paving is of the highest qua..

Ex Tax: £45.00

Red Brick Pavers 9 inch x 4.5 inch

These are a good stock of Reclaimed Red Brick Pavers, and were salvaged from a farm house floor in L..

Ex Tax: £1.50

Staffordshire Blue Pavers 9x4

These Victorian smooth blue reclaimed Pavers are made from Staffordshire Blue Clay.Sizes are 9 inch ..

Ex Tax: £1.50

Staffordshire Blue Paving Bricks 10x5 inch

Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Paving Bricks, sized at 10x5 inch. These are ideal for matching existin..

Ex Tax: £1.75

Staffordshire Blue Spot Pavers

These are Victorian Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Spot Pavers..These came from a large house in Stoke..

Ex Tax: £1.50

Staffs Blue Paving Bricks

The staffs blue paving bricks are new bricks, used for paving. These can be used for garden pa..

Ex Tax: £0.60

Victorian Rope Top Garden Edging Stones / Bricks

These garden edging tiles are a faithful reproduction of reclaimed victorian edging tiles. The ..

Ex Tax: £2.75

Large Yorkstone Paving Slabs

We have a stock of very old large reclaimed  Yorkstone Paving Slabs. These Yorkstone slabs are ..

Ex Tax: £75.00

Yorkstone Paving Slabs

We have good stock of very old Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving. Reclaimed Yorkstone is highly sought afte..

Ex Tax: £75.00