Milk Churns

Milk Churns

Antique Vintage and original reclaimed Milk Churns salvaged from farms, used for storing and transportation of milk. The Milk churns have years of natural wear that givens them a vintage rustic charm. They are now commonly used in gardens, indoors or for other purposes. They can make excellent planters or ideal as a garden ornament.

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Milk Can 1, 40cm high

The vintage reclaimed  Milk Churns make grate features and can be used indoors as well as out doors...

Ex Tax: £41.50

Milk Can 2, 74cm high

Excellent quality antique reclaimed milk can/churn, made form aluminium and standing an impressive 7..

Ex Tax: £41.50

Milk Can 3, 44cm high

This genuine reclaimed antique milk can / churn was salvaged from a dairy farm. It stands a reasonab..

Ex Tax: £41.50

Milk Churn, 55cm with Locking lid

Impressive 55cm high aluminium milk churn with the addition of a locking lid, which is quite unusual..

Ex Tax: £65.00

Nestle Milk churn

The milk churn has the name Nestle stamped on the middle band. The churn has its lid. Original condi..

Ex Tax: £75.00

Pair of 10 Gallon milk churns

Sell a pair of vintage milk churns, salvaged from an old farm. These milk churns were a popular site..

Ex Tax: £150.00

Plastic Milk Churn

This is an unusual milk churn as its made from plastic. Its uses therefore may be slightly different..

Ex Tax: £55.00