Secure payment

Payment Provider

We used a fully secured e-commerce system, and your payment is made either by Sagepay or via Parpal, depending on your choice chosen at checkout. If you choose to use paypal, you are sent to paypals servers. If you decide to pay using our inbuilt sagepay system, you are connecting directly Sagepay. At no point do we see any credit card details used for orders. These are all held either by Sagepay or by Paypal. This also means that if our system is compromised in any way, no hackers or third parties will see your card details.

SSL Security

Our site uses the standard encryption expected by any customer using an e-commerce website. All payment pages, contact pages, and other pages which will be used to obtain your information are securely encrypted between yourselves and the website.

Please note that details are only kept on our system for the purposes of fulfilling the order. Your email, address or other information will n ot be given to a third party.