Scaffold Boards 

New and Reclaimed Scaffold Boards in large quantities

At Hadley Reclaimed, we always try to carry a large stock of scaffolding boards as they don't tend to stay in the yard long ! We have literally thousands of Boards for sale and ready to ship across the UK

As well as their original intended use as Scaffold Boards, these boards are also used in Garden Projects. Used for everything from raised beds to vegetable patches. We have also been selling them for making table tops and rustic furniture. We have even sold a large number of these boards for counter tops and flooring.

The versatility of scaffold boards is endless. Recycle them into whatever your creativity allows.

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  • These 4ft scaffold boards are ideal for DIY projects, garden, and landscaping 4ft reclaimed scaffold boards, ideal for smaller...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed used 5ft scaffold boards. We have thousands of these in stock. These are the 5ft version of our stock of reclaimed...(cont)

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  • 6ft used Scaffold Boards ideal for a range of applications and purposes. 6ft reclaimed scaffold boards with a thickness of...(cont)

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    In Stock £6.00
  • 7ft reclaimed Scaffold Noards with a 38mm thickness. These are the 7ft version of our popular 8ft...(cont)

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  • 8ft reclaimed scaffold boards at 38mm thick. These are slightly stronger than the thinner boards. We have a large number of 8ft used reclaimed...(cont)

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    Out of stock £8.00
  • 8ft New Scaffold Boards, no metal ends, untreated These are some very good quality 8ft scaffold...(cont)

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  • Tanalized version of our 8ft boards. These are new and ideal for landscaping due to their treatment These are the tanalized version of our other 8ft...(cont)

    In Stock £8.40
  • These are reclaimed 10ft scaffold boards, well used, with a very old appearance. These used boards have a weathered look from years...(cont)

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    Out of stock £10.00
  • These are new stock of brand new 10ft scaffold boards. Clean appearance ideal for furniture making or shop fitting. We've recently taken a large amount of new scaffold...(cont)

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  • Tanalized version of our 10ft boards. These are new and ideal for landscaping due to their treatment These are the tanalized version of our other 10ft...(cont)

    In Stock £11.40
  • 13ft used scaffold boards made from ply wood, very strong and stable. We have a good stock of used 13ft scaffold boards...(cont)

    In Stock £12.00
  • 13ft long reclaimed used scaffold boards, ideal for garden and building work or furniture making Extra long 13ft reclaimed Scaffold Boards. These...(cont)

    In Stock £12.00
  • 13ft new and unbanded Scaffold Boards. Ideal for projects requiring a clean look. We have a good stock of new 13ft scaffold boards....(cont)

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  • Large stock of very old pine timber joists. We have for sale a large stock of timber joist,...(cont)

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