Wooden Carts 

The ever popular Antique Wooden Garden Carts are always in stock at Hadley Reclaimed. These are ornamental in use, but these traditional old carts were once working items (although we know they sometimes get used at theatre shows as props) .They are sourced from various European and Worldwide Countries, where they are no longer needed or used, and so the appearance and design is one of bygone days as seen in old films and westerns. Many of our Antique Wooden Carts are over 100 years old, and we also supply the cart wheels on their won.

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  • Antique Reclaimed Wooden Cart with spoked wheels and in a rustic red colour, original paint. The wooden cart is in working order and cart stands...(cont)

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  • A wonderful antique wooden cart, untouched in its appearance, so marks and weathering are present. An antique wooden hand cart over 100 years old is...(cont)

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  • As this is a box cart, its enclosed sides make it ideal for use as a garden planter. an excellent wooden cart with enclosed sides,...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Antique Wooden Hand Cart, its small size making it ideal as a garden ornament. These wooden hand carts are great for ornamental...(cont)

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