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We always have thousands of Roof Slates in stock, and offer a large variety in many different sizes for all types of roofing applications. These are ideal for both new and restoration projects.

Reclaimed welsh roof slates have been quarried for hundred of years, today many quarries have closed so reclaimed slates can be the slate of choice when match an existing property roof. Reclaimed slates have a natural weathered apperance, witch cannot be replicated by a new roofing slate.We allways try to stock most sizes of slate but please contact us if you do not see what you need.

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  • We always stock a very good selection of reclaimed welsh slate, used for matching period properties and new build. All We always stock a very good selection of reclaimed...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed 13x8 welsh slates, salvaged ready for collection or delivery Reclaimed slates are very popular for repairing...(cont)

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  • Salvaged roof slate in a grey colour 14x7 pre used with nail holes.  Salvaged roof slates are becomming the slate of...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Welsh Roof slate size 14x8 salvaged cleaned and crated.  The Reclaimed Slate is sized at 14inch x 8inch....(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Roof slate 13x10, in a weathered purple colour.  Reclaimed slates are very popular for repairing an...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed welsh slate 14x10 in size, slavaged from terrace houses in Burton on Trent  The Reclaimed Slate is sized at 14x10. Reclaimed...(cont)

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  • Salvaged slate 16x8 in size reclaimed from a demolition contract in Manchester Salvaged roof slates come in many differnt sizes...(cont)

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  • Salvaged 16x10 roof slates, reclaimed from terraced houses. Reclaimed roof slates come in many diiferent sizes,...(cont)

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  • We have a good stock of reclaimed slates mix colour 18x10  The 18x10 slates are reclaimed from a large factory...(cont)

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  • Large stock of reclaimed 18x10 Welsh Blue grey slates for sale. We have a large stock of reclaimed welsh slates for...(cont)

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  • Nice batch of reclaimed 20x10 slates.  Reclaimed slates are very popular for matching...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Welsh roofing slate 20x10, salvaged from a period house over 100years old. Welsh slates have been around for hundreds of...(cont)

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  • Good quality reclaimed 20x12 roof slate. We allways try to carry a good stock of reclaimed...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Roof slate 20x12, in a weathered purple colour.  Reclaimed 20x12 roof slates are a large slate,...(cont)

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  • Large size reclaimed slate 22inch long x 12inch wide. Nice batch of 22x12 reclaimed welsh slates. The...(cont)

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