Garden Urns 

Antique New and Reclaimed Garden Urns and Planters, in Stone and Cast Iron, used as decorative ornaments or to fill with plants to enahnce the beauty of your garden.
Garden Urns tend to come in huge variety of styles, sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. The decision to choose one which is right for your Garden is sometimes a daunting task. In truth, most style of Urns will look at home in either a traditional or contemporary Garden or patio, providing you opt for the right material and the right size. We do our best to supply a wide range of Urns in both Cast Iron and traditional Stone. They come in traditional shapes and are generally new items made to look old and antique in appearance. Many Urns come with their own plinths, yet some stand on the base (Remember that the Cast Iron Urns are likely to be very heavy, so need a good foundation to stand on). Stone Urns tend to be less cumbersome and smaller, although we do offer some Clay Garden Urns which can be up to 2.5m tall.  NOTE: all urns sold singly unless otherwise stated

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