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We have a huge range of New and Reclaimed Concrete Garden Statues in stock, along with other made from Bronze, Cast iron and Stone. Many of these statues are new with a weather reclaimed appearance, but we also stock a range of genuine antique statues sourced from around the UK and wordlwide. As a reclaimed supplier, we come across many statues when dealing with our reclamation jobs, and normally have too many to list on the site. Instead, we try to list a good selection of different styles and materials,  yet there are always a lof of smaller ones that may be in the yard. If you cant see what you require, please call us and we will be happy to help.

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  • The Chastity garden statue would grace any garden and has beautiful detail. An elegant and timeless design for this rather...(cont)

    In Stock £156.00
  • Lady Rose statue a romantic garden statue with an aged apperance. A very romantic and traditional style statue, we've...(cont)

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    In Stock £180.00
  • Garden statue of a Boy holding a basket of kittens The statue is made in a traditional by...(cont)

    In Stock £228.00
  • Garden Statue of a girl holding puppies in a basket. A traditional garden statue of a girl dressed in...(cont)

    In Stock £228.00
  • The lady statue we inport ourselves direct from Portugal. These statues would make great feature in any garden.  The lady statue we inport our selfs direct...(cont)

    In Stock £360.00
  • Another in our range of popular statues, imported from Portugal. Standing at around 1.5m tall, this is a new garden...(cont)

    In Stock £390.00
  • The Lion Statues are imported by ourselves direct from Portugal. The Lion Statues are handed left and right, so can be The Lion Statues are imported by ourselves direct...(cont)

    In Stock £450.00
  • A horse statue lying down in a pink colour.    The horse statue is solid and very heavy.The horse...(cont)

    In Stock £480.00
  • These are lovely looking statues from Portugal, cast concrete. Imported from Portugal, and styled in a classic...(cont)

    In Stock £480.00
  • A statue of a deer standing proud looking straight ahead. We are selling a very fine Deer statue.The Deer...(cont)

    In Stock £672.00
  • The deer statue sitting is made of heavy cast iron with beautiful detail in the casting. This statue would make a great A truly beautiful statue/figurine of a sitting...(cont)

    In Stock £672.00
  • Large statue of a horse rearing back made from cast iron. We have a lovely statue of a rearing horse.The...(cont)

    In Stock £810.00
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