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Reclaimed Roof tiles are very much in demand, from patching an old roof to extenstions to conplete new build.There are many types of reclaimed tiles Rosemary Tiles, Acme red tiles,Acme sandfaced tiles, Dreadnought tiles,kingsbury to name a few.We salvage roof tiles from all over the UK.When buying reclaimed roof tiles you are giving the roof of the building an instant natural weathered look that cannot be replicated with new roof tiles. All our reclaimed tiles are crated and palletized ready for delivery any were in the UK.

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  • Rosemary Roof tiles, machine made in a plum colour.  Rosemary Roof tiles are a very well known tile...(cont)

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  •  Acme Sandstorm Roof tiles, in a weathered dark brown to black colour.  Acme Sandstorm tiles are a machine made tile.The...(cont)

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  • Acme Roof Tiles, machine made with a weathered face. Acme roof tiles are used on pitch roofs all over...(cont)

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  • Rosemary red smooth roof tiles. Red Rosemary roof tiles are the tile of choice for...(cont)

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  • Dirty Red Hand made clay roof tiles  Dirty Red hand made roof tiles, are salvaged roof...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Brindle Rosemary Roof Tiles, smooth with a weathered face.  Rosemary roof tiles have been around for 170 years,...(cont)

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  • Brindle roof tiles, weathered smooth face 3 nibs.  Brindle roof tiles are a mix of tiles...(cont)

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  • Loughborough Tucker Roof tiles, 11x7 hand made weathered.  Loughborough Tucker roof tiles made by G Tucker...(cont)

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  • Hand Made roof tiles, salvaged old period houses  Hand made roof tiles are as the name suggests hand...(cont)

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    Reclaimed Staffordshire mix Roof Tiles, salvaged from period house and rural buildings. Reclaimed Staffordshire mix roof tiles are a very...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Machine Made Roof Tiles Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Machine made roof...(cont)

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  • The staffordshire Blue Fishtail roof tiles, Decorative roof tiles. Fishtail roof tiles are a decorative tile used on...(cont)

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  • Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Roof Tiles, salvaged from period house and rural buildings. Reclaimed Staffordshire blue roof tiles are a very...(cont)

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