Railway Sleepers 

We stock both New and Reclaimed Railway Sleepers for general garden use or building work

There are two choices of railway sleepers available to you. New, and reclaimed. They have different characteristics so please read the following before purchasing:

  • New sleepers are either made from Oak or other materials. They do not contain any tar and ideal for landscape gardening, retaining soil, and childrens play areas. They are safe to handle and used where they may be in contact with people and animals. New sleepers are Tanalised for longevity and weatherproofing.
  • Reclaimed Railway Sleepers are always treated with tar to ensure their long life. They are superior to new sleepers for durability, but you do need to be aware that tar may become sticky in hot weather. We do not advise the use of reclaimed sleepers for childrens play areas or animal areas, or areas where contamination is an issue.

Whichever you chose, railway sleepers are an excellent product to work with.  They are suitable for a range of applications from landscape gardening to furniture making.

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  • These are new sleepers are tanalized with a green trint. The sizes are 2400mm long, 190mm wide, 90mm deep.  New sleepers, ideal for use in landscaping and...(cont)

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  • Our new sleepers are tanalized green. The sizes are 2400mm long, 250mm wide, 125mm deep.  Our new sleepers are tanalized green. The sizes are...(cont)

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  • Grade 'A' Reclaimed Railway Sleepers. Very good quality and perfect for garden and building work. Excellent quality reclaimed railway sleepers,...(cont)

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  • New Oak Railway Sleepers, untreated and tar free, and therefore ideal for garden landscaping, childrens play areas, and more.   These oak sleepers are brand new, 2.4m long, and...(cont)

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