Milk Churns  

Antique Vintage and original reclaimed Milk Churns salvaged from farms, used for storing and transportation of milk. The Milk churns have years of natural wear that givens them a vintage rustic charm. They are now commonly used in gardens, indoors or for other purposes. They can make excellent planters or ideal as a garden ornament.

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  • Antique Reclaimed Milk Can / Churn, standing 44cm (440mm)high, and ideal for garden decoration or as indoor features. This genuine reclaimed antique milk can / churn was...(cont)

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  • A tall reclaimed antique aluminium milk can / churn, approx 74cm (740mm) high. Ideal as an ornament in garden or home. Excellent quality antique reclaimed milk can/churn,...(cont)

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  • Antique vintage steel Milk Can, 400mm (40cm) high, ideal as garden ornaments or planters.  The vintage reclaimed  Milk Churns make grate...(cont)

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  • An unusual plastic milk churn standing 76cm high. This is an unusual milk churn as its made from...(cont)

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  • Aluminium vintage Milk Churn, 55cm high, with a locking lid and handle.  Impressive 55cm high aluminium milk churn with the...(cont)

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  • Very old Nestle milk churn in original condition The milk churn has the name Nestle stamped on the...(cont)

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  • Nice pair of 10 gallon milk churns with lids. Sell a pair of vintage milk churns, salvaged from...(cont)

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